River’s Edge Products: A Legend Reborn

For years, you’ve come to know River’s Edge Products as the definitive source for all your themed-product needs. We at River’s Edge are proud of our history and the legacy which we strive to embody with every customer and order. It is because of that history and legacy that we remain committed to providing our customers with the biggest variety, highest-quality products and great pricing that you have become so familiar with.


In keeping with that philosophy, we are proud to announce that River’s Edge will be expanding our already vast catalog of products. For over 20 years, you’ve known us to be the leader in outdoors-inspired products. While that tradition will continue and grow, we understand that there are segments of highly in-demand lifestyle products that we at River’s Edge haven’t previously included in our lineup.


To that end, in the coming months as a customer of River’s Edge, you’ll be seeing literal truckloads of new products to choose from; products designed to excite and enhance the enthusiast in all of us, regardless of our interests. In addition to these new products, we’re going to be adding to the overall mission to inspire and excite with informative social media posts, blogs and even news.


No matter what we do to expand on River’s Edge, we know what drove you to our company to begin with; outstanding products, amazing customer service and unrivaled pricing. Not only will that not change, but we promise it will only get better. Our unyielding commitment to providing our customers with the best experience possible has been and will continue to be our defining mission, and we are eternally grateful for each and every customer.


Check back soon for updates and new products!

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